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A portfolio of print, digital and motion graphics for an online world

Welcome to gargrazz.com. This is a collection of my achievements, a measure of my gains and an invitation to explore.

I am based in Los Angeles and I have been working in the film and television industry since 1997. Since 2007, I have focused entirely on animation and graphic design pursuits. I have held positions as a graphics animator, animation coordinator, stereoscopic 3D compositor and graphic designer for the web.

Over the years, I have gained an increasing amount of experience with various design applications including Photoshop, Illustrator and SketchUp. Professionally, I am now an After Effects animator with compositing, roto and graphic experience. I also do freelance graphics work for print and web including book covers and logo design. By approaching digital design from a broad experience base including raster, vector and motion, I can combine these skills to approach solutions from a variety of angles. My coordinating experience has exposed me to numerous workflows and organizational structures - all with their own inherent strengths and weaknesses. Combine all this with a winning personality, ruggedly good looks and a keen intellect and you'd have a guy a lot like myself, except that guy would be a little more handsome and probably better at math.

I hope you enjoy my work. I always appreciate feedback and I am always available for your freelance or contract needs. Feel free to if you see anything here that appeals to you.

- Chris Hutchings

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