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Intelligence For Your Life Samples

IFYL was an interesting gig. Animators were tasked with creating graphic background content based on the talking head content of the hosts. In practice, this meant we could write our own visual gags and were given relative creative freedom in the pieces. It's a good demonstration of my ability to play with humor and meta content through motion graphics using little more than royalty free images and photos of the cast's faces.

The monacle makes a comeback. This is a final approved for broadcast. The following clips are roughs and have temp sound effects and green screen comps.

"Banters" were when the hosts got together to improvise and riff on various topics. It was a constant challenge to visually represent some of the stuff they were saying or talking about, but we usually figured out something in the end - often resorting to non-sequitors and left field gags. These are roughs with temp sound effects and green screen comps.

In addition to Gib Gerard's segments, Connie Sellecca and John Tesh had their own beats, but used an OTS format for their final output. Gib's could be a little more visually playful as he was still "in" the motion graphic space. These are roughs and have temp sound effects and green screen comps.